Wood Range Hoods

While cooking, at home, we need to eliminate grease, smoke, odors, and steam that rise from the cook top. This is accomplished with a range hood and a power driven exhaust fan. Range hoods can be made of metal, heat-resistant plastics, and more, however wood range hoods complement the cabinets that surround it. chris hood

A wood range hood is one of the most eye-catching parts of the kitchen; it should be designed with this in mind. They can be as simple as a square cabinet with a power pack mounted beneath it, to an elaborate work of art trimmed with tile, wood panels, or stainless steel.

Wall-mount range hoods are made to fit the cabinets surrounding it, often attached on each side so the crown molding is continuous across the top. However, an unattached range hood, where the cabinets end on each side can be picturesque as well. An island or peninsula range hood extends down from the ceiling and is often bell shaped and finished on all four sides.

A mantel or shelf can be incorporated into ornate range hoods, which is perfect for displaying fancy plates or decorative nick knacks. Corbels, onlays, and wood panels add even more detail, personalizing a custom wood range hood to the homeowner’s style.

Keep in mind the range hood will need to be vented outside the home to work properly. If the vent pipe extends out the top of the range hood, more cabinetry might be needed to cover the pipe. Other options include; back wall ventilation, or re-circulating. In a re-circulating application, a filter is used to remove particles from the air, before releasing it back into the kitchen.

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