Types of Vaginism Treatment

Vaginismus, sometimes mistaken by women as Vaginism, is a sexual disorder in which a woman experiences pain while having sexual intercourse. The pain experienced by a woman can be so severe that she is not even able to even touch her vagina. Though it is a severe disorder, there is no need to worry as there are many Vaginismus treatments, which you can undergo to get rid of your condition. Also, the success rate of these treatments is high and if a woman dedicates herself towards treating her condition and undergoes a treatment program properly, then she will be able to get rid of Vaginismus completely and will be able to have sexual intercourse without experiencing any kind of pain.

The following are some Vaginism treatment options

• Kegel exercises: These exercises mostly help a woman to control the muscle movements in the vagina. With regular practice of these exercises, a woman is able to overcome the involuntary contraction of muscles in the vagina, which lead to closing off of the vaginal opening. Once the woman is able to control the muscle spasm she is able to have painless sexual intercourse with her partner. vaginismus treatment

• Dilating: This is the most effective Vaginismus treatment option, which you can use to treat Vaginismus. Dilators are plastic objects available in various sizes. A woman needs to insert these dilators sizes into her vagina until she is able to insert the dilator of the largest size without experiencing pain. A woman can also use her fingers as dilators if she is not comfortable inserting the artificial dilators.

• Botox treatment: Though highly criticized, Botox is used as an effective Vaginismus treatment. However, it is used only when all the traditional treatment methods fail to treat Vaginismus. In this, a physician injects Botox into the vagina of the woman by sedating the vaginal area with the help of anesthesia. The injection of Botox helps to ease the muscle spasm that tightens the vagina and cause pain while having intercourse. This easing of the muscles helps a woman to insert a dilator of any size without experiencing pain and prepares her towards the actual activity of having painless sexual intercourse with her partner.

• Hypnosis: Vaginismus is more about the inner anxiety of a woman about sex. This inner anxiety is beyond the control of the woman. Through hypnosis, the fear and anxiety is removed from the mind of the woman. Once this fear is removed, the woman becomes more confident about her condition and feels more positive towards sex and sexual intercourse. This in turn helps her to have painless sexual intercourse.

These were some of the different types of Vaginismus treatments, which women can undergo. Remember, Vaginismus is best treated if the woman treats it at her own pace and chooses a treatment program that is most suitable for her.

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