Tip Protectors for Medical Instruments

To protect valuable medical equipment its best to use tip protectors, forceps and scopes from being destroyed. Many times the damage to an instrument from not using tip protectors is not repairable; this is why you’ll have to replace the surgical instruments. There’s 2 different types of vent protectors vented (with holes) and non-vented (without holes). most people prefer to use vented tip protectors because they are more safer to use and easier to remove from the surgical instrument, which reduces possible finger punctures. The other advantage of the vented tip protector is the improved exposure of the sterilant to the devices surface.

Places to use tip protectors:
– Tips of pointed scissors
– Tips of sharp instruments
– Skin hooks
– Distal tip on rigid scopes
– Cutting edges of osteotomes
Surgical Instrument Protection Cases:
The use of metal storage/sterilization cases for specific medical instruments has several valuable benefits:
– Keeps high demand surgical equipment organized
– Minimizes the possibility of losing a certain sized medical instrument
– Preserves the sharp images of medical instruments
– Reduces the number of times the instruments have to be sharpened dino medic
– Gives an organized fashion in the sterile field

Surgical instrument Tape Marking Application
1) Cleanse your fingers with alcohol to remove dirt, grease and oil
2) Use rubbing alcohol on rubbing tape to get rid of and excess lubricant
3) You should apply firm tension to the tape and the length should only be around 1 – 1
4) After tape is applied on the autoclave instruments. The heat will assist with the bonding of the tape.
5) Tape the shanks of all medical instruments, Avoid instruments rings. It wont be a big deal if you wrap your tape 2 times around the closing of the tips of scissors.

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