Sell Solutions – Sell Business Results to the Executive – Sales Superstar Secret #3

Solutions transform technology products and services into business performance. Customers buy solutions because solutions deliver strategic results – increased sales, improved productivity, competitive advantage, increased customer satisfaction, etc. Solutions create value, products don’t.

Selling a technology-enabled business solution is a complex sale. Since the solution impacts many aspects of the customer’s business, everyone wants to be part of the decision making process. This means that many of the people you have to convince, including the economic decision maker, are most likely not technologists. And they have a lot to learn before they can make a good decision.

Responsibility for the success of a core business strategy is rarely confined in one department. Furthermore, it is never the responsibility of the CIO. Most technology salespeople let the IT department reduce them to the role of vendor. Great technology salespeople are masters of selling outside of the IT department to the people who count. They become the CXO’s coach. They change the rules of the game.

Are too many sales stalled or result in no decision?
If you sell an executive a technology solution that will deliver business results, the deal will close. The executive sees your offer as a means to accomplishing his strategy. so he will make sure that it happens.

Are you sales people selling to the wrong people? sell your business

Technical and engineering managers are by nature risk adverse. They do what they are told. Executives responsible for strategy execution take action. Which one is more likely to invest in your cutting edge solution?

Are you mining your accounts for highly profitable repeat business?
When help your customers succeed by solving their problems and opening up new opportunities, they come to trust you. This time and next time. Selling results is the best way to ensure a highly profitable, repeat business mode.

Are you finding that you have to discount to win the deal?
If you aren’t calling high enough or have not sold business results to an executive then probably no one really cares about your proposal. If no one cares, then the only way you can win is by providing the lowest price.

Solutions selling is basically a process for managing the customer’s learning process, with special attention paid to how the buying decision is made. It is your job to teach the right people what they need to know so they can confidently make a decision to buy your solution. This means figuring out who counts in the decision; what they need to learn about the solution, and the best way to manage their learning process.

In every account and for every solution, this solutions selling process is implemented slightly differently. No two accounts are ever exactly the same. Using a process helps you organize account and solutions-specific information into your sales strategy, so you do a better job at positioning your solution within the context of what is important to customer.


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