Making A School Travel Service Work For You

The prospect of booking a school trip can be potentially very daunting, but if you book with a reputable school travel service you can relax and let them do the hard work for you!

How Can a School Travel Service Work For You?

These kinds of service providers pride themselves on their ability to offer you the “full package.” They design trips to a range of destinations and cover all subjects on the national curriculum. Educational trips are great fun for students involved, but they must always be educationally based and fall in line with national requirements. Reputable companies offer a wide selection of trips, but many will also tailor trips to suit you, tweak itineraries or may even design a whole new tour especially for your group. Company representatives are always well experienced and full of knowledge about every aspect of the trip.

The personal element offered by a school travel service is worth its weight in gold. Talking to an experienced organiser can help you make vital decisions about the excursions, accommodation and the transport. This personal service carries you throughout the booking process, during the trip and right up until you return home.

When you first enquire about a trip, your provider will give you a detailed quote that covers all costs. This then enables you to go to students and gauge interest. At this point no booking has been made but companies will often hold services, without any obligation, until you are able to collect all of the monies from the students who want to get involved. Usually it is only a deposit that is required initially, but the full amount will need to be paid well in advance of the trip departure date. (Every provider will have its own stipulations on this.)

Other Considerations Tempo Traveller Dehradun

With regards to visas and passports it is up to you to make sure all of these are in order for your group. Foreign students may need alternative visas, so make sure you establish who needs what and get all applications into the relevant embassies in good time. Everyone must have a valid passport to travel, so ensure students provide you with this information well in advance.

Insurance is hugely important when travelling, no matter where you are going or in what capacity. Many school travel service providers offer a comprehensive policy that covers all aspects of a trip. It is often advisable to opt for these policies as, should you need to make a claim, local agents affiliated to the company you book with will be on hand in resort to help where necessary.

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