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William Shakespeare knew what I would say about 500 years after him when he very rightly said “Even the pains of love are pleasurable.” These three words “I love you “alter everything of an individual and falling in love is as sweet as living in a true heaven of satisfaction, happiness and blessings, and experienced people know exactly what that means. But there is a dark side too, a much painful one. Love has many types or I should say forms and methods of implication in reality on an individual.

Some forms of love are explained here.

1. True love

It is rare. It always has been rare. The rarity is owing to the “extremely outrageous demands “it apply to be fulfilled. For instance, from life to money, from family to ego, from heart to mind and from thinking to action a person in true love has no choice but to forfeit all above stated most precious things for his/her lover. A failure in this ends in committing suicide in poor countries and in “heart-breaking and heart-aching “in much developed countries usually. Such behavior depends on following factors,

a) Literacy rate as what is minimum education of both lovers?

b) Compatibility of lovers regarding age, maturity, status, religion etc

c) Personality counts a lot too. Angry persons are more prone to be violent and committing suicide or at least thinking of it.

d) Money, what else, in true love it should never be the issue of differences between lovers and when it becomes one, disaster follows instantly.

2. Normal love

Yeah, love can be normal when both lovers are not expressive enough or having cold emotional attitude. In such cases, even one lover’s indifference can set the limits and love lowers from extremities to moderation. Such love is found more than true love.

3. Love after marriage

This one comes with a sense of compulsion and limited choice, yet, it is found in abundance and most valid form of love. The 24/7 companionship makes lovers understand each other which they were unable to execute properly in earlier interactions. It again varies from countries and continents. For instance in Asia, 75% is in love after marriage with no “dating” or “living together allowed”. This is not true for Europe and America where freedom of choice has more preference. Somali

4. Dating love

Dating love , obviously , starts with a date and normally ends in one night stand or may be a few more. “just dating ” helps understanding each other and falling in dating love or love after a date or dates is very harmful for both lovers , as it gives you No Time to even remember each others full names or parents names.

5. Teenage love

The most dangerous yet most abundant form is “a teenager in love “. If they don’t have proper awareness and guidance, it could lead to worst consequences possible including drug usage, alcoholics, and insanity in home and outside, running away from home or even suicide and in some cases murder.

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