Kitchen Hoods And Their Mystery

Kitchen hoods come in many shapes and sizes all have a few things in common. All hoods accumulate grease laden vapors that the NFPA 96 codes and standards mandates be removed periodically threw out the year depending on the type of cooking equipment used while cooking.

Some hoods are long and contain many grease filters. Some hoods are small with only a few grease filters. Some hoods are what is called self-cleaning hoods. I hate these hoods because they do not really clean all the grease out and they are a true pain to clean properly. Why any one designed such things is beyond me and should be shot in my opinion.

There are kitchen hoods made of stainless steel and then there are kitchen exhaust hoods made of galvanized metal.

Some systems have a lot of duct work requiring multiple panels to be installed opened and scraped clean at every cleaning and some systems have straight shot duct work.

Basically there are no two systems exactly alike and it takes a special skill set to know what needs to be done in different situations to clean these systems correctly. Just because someone has a certification sticker does not mean they know what they are doing the fact of the matter is it takes experience to know how to handle all the different situations in the field of hood cleaning. copper range hoods

With all these new laws and codes in place and the requirements that have been instilled on the restaurant owners and hood cleaners alike. You need to hire a company who knows what they are doing. If you don’t and decide to contract these services to a company who provides the lowest bid or price you are truly asking for trouble.

I propose to you check on your current providers work. Go to the roof check the fan. Open up panels and make sure the company is going through the proper motions to clean your kitchen exhaust system the right way. You would be surprised how many companies are not doing what they are supposed to be doing.

If you find that the company is currently skipping things like not opening up access panels or worse not cleaning the kitchen exhaust fans fan blades it is time to find a new company who will clean your kitchen exhaust system properly. If you have a fire they may be responsible but who needs that kind of aggravation. Plus you can bet if a company is performing in such a way you can bet they will try to blame you for their mess up as well.

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