Custom Keychains – The Brandable Gift Your Customers Will Keep

Large and small businesses alike use brandable promotional items as a part of their overall marketing plan. Items like mugs or pocket calendars might be given to potential clients during an introductory meeting, as a gift at a company Christmas party, or as an incentive for signing up for a mailing list. Some companies even distribute “care packages” filled with candies, business cards, and a small gift as a form of advertising.

Promotional items range in price from pennies to hundreds of dollars and include everything from ink pens to vintage wine. The key to getting the best return on this kind of marketing investment is to merge your company’s brand with a truly useful item that will be kept.

Metal keychains are a stylish way to merge usefulness with branding while maintaining your company’s image – and budget. Before buying any promotional items, consider…

o how well the item will display your logo and contact information. Print and images don’t show the same on all surfaces.

o the item from your customer’s point of view. Would it find a place in his/her home or office, or would they toss it in a drawer, never to be used? acrylic keychain

o how the item helps maintain your company’s image. Trying to save a few pennies on marketing can damage your credibility. Items such as custom metal keychains will enhance your reputation rather than detract from it.

Keychains are everywhere. Most people have several, and can almost always find a use for one more. Office keys, house keys, car keys, filing cabinet keys – everywhere you look there are keys, and keychains to keep them organized.

Since they fit well into a variety of situations, custom metal keychains are the perfect promotional giveaway because they are:

o lightweight and easily mailed without the need for special packaging or expensive postage. They fit nicely inside a Christmas or Thank You card.

o easily transported to tradeshows or conferences without risk of damage or additional shipping costs.

o perfect for multi-colored graphics, and are durable enough that your logo won’t fade or wear over time.

o naturally perceived as a high-value item when compared to rubber or plastic.

When looking for a supplier, choose one without a lot of hidden costs. Some vendors make your purchase more economical by offering free shipping, free artwork, color proofs, no setup charges and more. Ask for an itemized quote before placing an order to be sure there will be no surprises when the bill arrives.

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