Cheap Cruise Tips – 9 Golden Rules to Save a Ton of Money

Use these cheap cruise tips and enjoy great travel spots for much less. Cruise ship travel is fast becoming one of the best ways of traveling cheaply. By knowing when to book to get the best deal and how to get your money’s worth, you can come back from your cruise vacation with enough money do it again and again.

Tip #1:
Book up to 18 months in advance and save big. Last minute expert tips are also affordable if you can handle the rush.

Tip #2:
Search for deals between one and three months before departure. That is the cutoff time for travelers to cancel their cruise vacations. This is a great cheap cruise tip since ships will discount the fare to sell out the cabins.

Tip #3:
Avoid peak holiday seasons such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break. Not only is it more expensive to travel during these times, there are more crowds.

Tip #4:
When flying to your port destination check airline fares on your own. Cruise line airfare is usually higher.

Tip #5:
If you prefer bottled water, buy your own before boarding the ship. Drinks of any kind are expensive on board, except for coffee and tea. You can drink recycled water which is perfectly safe but sometimes has a funny taste.

Tip #6:
Drinks will be charged separately and billed to your sail and sign card. Keep a running total. This can get really expensive.

Tip #7:
Avoid the high-priced tours and create your own excursions by taking a taxi. They are usually lined up outside the ship. The drivers are normally friendly and eager to please. Of course, always be careful and trust your instincts.

Tip #8:
Repeat customers will receive incentives or upgrades. The cruise lines are scrambling for your business and they want to make sure you keep coming back.

Tip #9:
Another cheap cruise tip is to travel during a reposition cruise for a ridiculously low price. This is when cruise lines move their ships from cold-weather spots to warm-weather destinations in April and May. And then make the reverse in September through November. These repositioning cruises means one-way tickets to glorious destinations with regular stops, sometimes for as low as fifty dollars.

To Sum it up
By using these strategies, you can enjoy spectacular cruise travel destinations for much less. Remember to avoid peak seasons such as Christmas and New Years as well as booking your trip in advance. Use these cheap travel tips and discover how much more you can actually get for your money.

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